Hospital Infrastructure:-

The Hospital Infrastructure is an imposing land mark in the region consisting of Ground & 3 floors constructed with attention to all details. All Floors are connected with one bed-lift and another Passenger lift for patients/attendants. The floors are also connected with a wide-enough stair case along with ramp.

State of art Operation Theater:-

The ultra modern Modular Operation theatre at Sri Santhi Hospitals, Vijayawada, is provided with laminar air flow ,C-Arm and other amenities with which all types of elective and emergency Neuro & Orthopedic Surgeries can be performed by the specialist Neuro Surgeon (Dr K.Kranthi Kishore) Orthopedic Surgeons at any given time in 24 /7. The surgery performed at this unit owes a high success percentage. The unit comprises of LED Lighting. Advanced Anesthesia work station, advanced sterilizer . The Fully automated Mobile C-Arm machine provides superior imaging performance and radiation protection. The advanced anesthesia work station provides safe and effective……….. to all age groups

General & Laparoscopic Surgery:-

The General & Laparoscopic Operation theatre at SriSanthi MultySpecialty Hospital, Vijayawada is fitted with latest gadgets where all types of Laparoscopic Surgeries can be performed by the specialists we are equiped with Multipara Monitors, Ventilators, Alternative pressure pad system, Nebulisations, Infusion pumps, syringe pumps, defibrilator, central oxygen, vacum, NO2 Supplly alongside the highest level of personalized care to the patients who were operated in our hospital.

Intensive Care Unit:-

This 20 bedded Critical Care Unit differentiated as ICU – 10 beds, ICU II– 3 Beds, Emergency – 3 beds, Recovery – 4 beds, comprises of Central Monitoring System, multi para monitors – Code master – Hewlett Packard make, ECG – Agilent make, Ventilators – Air liquid make, Syringe Pumps and Nebulizers - to provide the most comprehensive medical Services to the critically ill patients. The unit is functional for 24 hours a day and geared up for any emergencies 24/7.

Diagnostic Services:-

The Centre is well equipped to cope with any diagnostic requirements of the patients at the Hospital premises itself. The range of diagnostics procedures done at Sri Santhi Hospital includes, Ultra Sonogram, 2D Echo , Color Doppler , Electro Cardiogram (ECG), Digital X-Ray (300MA), Pulmonary Function tests and we have separate Neuro Imaging center for conducting NCS.EEG, ECS etc.

Laboratory Services:-

The Sri Santhi Hospital also hosts a range of laboratory investigations at the premises itself. The Laboratory infrastructure includes Fully Automated Biochemical analyzer, Centrifuger, Bipolar Binocular Microscope, ELISA reader, Multi parameter Cell counter.

Other Features:-


(Central Sterilization and Supply Department) The hospital has CSSD with advanced horizontal Sterilizer and ETO Sterilizer.

Serene Atmosphere & Courteous Staff:-

The staff is trained to be courteous with the visitors and information seekers while at the same time being efficient in their job. “Service with Smile” is their motto.

Centralized Medical Gases:-

Hospital has provisions for centralized medical gases (Oxygen, Compressed air, Suction) supply directly at the point of care.

24 hrs In-House Pharmacy:-

The Sri Santhi Hospitals also hosts a 24 hours In-House Pharmacy and Central Stores for In-patients, OT Stores at the premises having all the range of medicines

Ambulance Services (Mobile ICU):-

The Ambulance of Sri Santhi Hospitals is custom built to transport all types of Medical Emergency cases. It functions as a mobile ICU while transporting any patient to anywhere. It is available 24 hours a day with monitoring equipment and well trained staff.

Self-Sufficient Power Supply :-

Uninterrupted power systems (UPS) with a brand new two diesel power generators backup to ensure power round the clock for sensitive critical care equipment as well as for all In-Patients.


Sri Santhi Hospitals also hosts an In-House diet Canteen at the premises having all ranges of Diets to the In-Patients and their attendees.

Waste Disposal:-

Keeping in mind the social obligations, the hospital is strictly taking all precautions for safe disposal of hospital waste without compromise, which might otherwise prove dangerous to innocent public.

Strict Infection Control Policy:-

Staff is trained and supervised for implementing strict aseptic techniques & procedures and to use single-time use disposables to prevent the dreaded infection in In-Patient as well as Out-Patient Care.

Clean Water:-

In-house R.O. Plant for Clean Water provision for Patients and attendants.

Hospital beds:-

The availability of the 50 beds in this hospital is as under

Casualty     : 3

ICU     : 10

Semi ICU     : 3

Semi-Private Rooms      : 12

Private Rooms      : 5

Deluxe Rooms      : 5

Male General Ward      : 4

Female General Ward      : 4

Recovery Room      : 2

Physiotherapy      : 2